Eliminate stage fright & Gain Your Voice

With Gain Your Voice Coaching you will dominate your field and sharpen your presentation skills to become a confident communicator and an effective leader.

Master the four steps to a great presentation!

Join Tim as he journeys to Paris and learn the four basics steps to every successful presentation in this quick and entertaining mini-series.

Why Gain Your Voice is for you

Articulate your thoughts

Transform your mindset

Be the more confident you

Everybody has a story to tell, a message to share or an experience to convey. However, being able to do so is an entirely different story, my mission is to help you Gain Your Voice to share your unique story confidently and effectively.

Becoming the best communicator you can possibly be starts here

Gain Your Voice Coaching

Engage in a series of 1:1 coaching sessions tailored uniquely to resolve your specific communication requirements.

Alex Gain Your Voice Communication Coaching

The Gain Your Voice Course

Go at your own pace and watch pre-recorded videos that will help you own the stage and share your message with confidence.

Course for Gain Your Voice Communication Coaching

Hire Alex to speak

 I run a selection of training programs and seminars for workplaces and schools focused on empowering the participants with healthy communication and leadership skills

Gain Your Voice Hire Alex to Speak

3 step framework to master your mindset and enhance your communication skills

Step 1


Why are you the one communicating in this situation?

Step 2


What is the message that you are trying to convey?

Step 3


How will you deliver this message to your audience?

"Alex helped me eliminate my stage fright and simply tell my story"

For years I had a dream and fear of being able to speak publicly. Alex helped me eliminate my stage fright and simply tell my story. He gave me great pointers on how to connect to an audience. I’m also able to use the skills I learned with him to connect to clients and business associates to gain more business.

Julie Elkon, Realtor

With Gain Your Voice Coaching you become the confident communicator you were always meant to be

When you struggle to communicate, not only are you holding yourself back from reaching others; you are actually limiting yourself from reaching your own personal potential.